Tomáš Prášek

Founder and CEO

Tomáš Prášek


     Tomas grew up in the communist Czechoslovakia, wanted to make music and write, and in 1989 got involved in the student revolution which changed the course of his life.
     After a variety of work experiences (Assistant to the Minister of Foreign Affairs Jiri Dienstbier, English lecturer at the Assumption University in Bangkok, political analyst and translator), he joined the Prague International Film Festival as a film programmer, and ran the Guest Office at the Karlovy Vary IFF for five years. His collaboration with computer programmer Pavel Kalenda then led to the creation of DataKal, the world's first universal film festival software. In the course of nine years, they brought it to festivals in Dubai, Goa, Mar del Plata, Rome, Thessaloniki, Tribeca and many other places, helped change the way they were organised, and pioneered the use of information technology at film festivals worldwide.
     In 2009, Tomas used his expertise, entrepreneurial vision and film industry contacts to start Eventival. Today, Eventival software is used by over 130 festivals and other organisations on all continents and is widely regarded as the benchmark in its field.
     Tomas also worked as project manager for the development of the Berlinale's CuBa information system (2003-2006), co-founded the music series EuroConnections in Prague, MOFFOM, an international festival of music films (2004-2009), and the Film Festival Academy. He served on Prague's Cultural Grants Commission, was a Czech Cinematography Fund Expert, and is the chairman of the Czech-Thai Society. He has spoken at film and music events in Amsterdam, Cardiff, London, Los Angeles, Midway, Motovun, New York, Odessa, Paris, Prague, Vienna, Vilnius and Warszaw.
     Tomas has worked with the legendary Los Angeles band Sparks on the production of their feature musical The Seduction of Ingmar Bergman about the imaginary adventures of the Swedish director in Hollywood, based on a radio play written by Ron Mael and Russell Mael. He was Executive Producer of the documentary film Never Turn Your Back on Sparks (2014) directed by Pini Schatz.
     Tomas has a law degree from Charles University, studied sociology and cultural anthropology at the University of Amsterdam, translated two books (Our Global Governance by the Commission on Global Governance and Erving Goffman's Stigma), lived in France, the Netherlands and Thailand, and spent long periods of time in Italy, the United States and South Korea.