Get your festival team trained by an Eventival expert!

31 August 2018 - News

With more trainers on our team, we have turned the exception into a rule - read below what an onsite training can do for you, and see what it looks like!

"I highly recommend you send out your trainers as frequently as possible to train up your clients in person, it really makes a huge difference! The in-person training is so much better than via Zoom - the interaction between the trainer and the trainees is enhanced sevenfold. It was great to see my colleagues actively discussing ways we can implement Eventival into so much of our everyday workflow, and how much more straightforward things could be in the future. We've already been using Eventival for over a year now and really appreciate how it has already helped us, but I think that, coming out of this weeks' training, there will be so much more happening directly via Eventival as we prepare for this year's festival. Personally I thought I already had quite a good handle on the Eventival workflow, but right now I have so many more processes and ideas I am looking forward to applying - not to sound too much like a nerd, but I am almost giddy with excitement."
Si Edwards
Programme Manager, Cork International Film Festival


Film Development Council Of The Philippines, Philippines


International Film Festival and Forum on Human Rights (FIFDH), Switzerland

Cairo International Film Festival, Egypt

Ostend Film Festival, Belgium

"Preparations for the festival are going very well, we're on full speed now :-). We were very pleased and helped with your visit, hope to see you again soon!"

Vilnius International Film Festival, Lithuania

"A few days has passed after the training and I wanted to say thank you on behalf of our whole team for the training, it was useful for all of us. So much information and new things to take in, and now we have to start using what we learned. Although we have been using Eventival for a while now, the training was still very much needed as it’s always better to discuss questions in person, especially when some of as are new to some parts of the platform. After this training, more than a few processes will become much easier to do which was  our goal."

Valladolid International Film Festival, Spain

"All of us are extremely pleased with our training session. We really should have done this a long time ago and my colleagues have seen for themselves that we have not been using the programme to full advantage. Michaela is great – both as a teacher and a person. We were very sad to see her off this morning. Now, of course, we have a lot of work to do, setting everything up and practicing!"

Kosmorama Film Festival, Norway

Fajr International Film Festival, Iran