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An all-in-one software solution for data management and event logistics, Eventival - the world leading film festival platform - has been used to produce over 1,100 editions of festivals in over 50 countries on all continents. Now in its second decade, Eventival is growing faster than ever, and its relevance is quickly exceeding the boundaries of the film industry..

Who is Eventival for?
Initially developed as a dedicated film festival organisation and planning tool, Eventival has also begun to be useful for other cultural, social and business organisations. Their teams use it organise large events like festivals or small events like press conferences or workshops. Some clients don't even organise anything, and only use Eventival as the place where they store their contacts, tasks, and communication history.

Contact Database
First and foremost, EBO is a hub for all your personal, company, film, event and project data (i.e. everything previously kept in Excel or Google sheets) which is entered, imported, stored and archived and is always accessible online. Because EBO is integrated with Cinando, its users have access to all the people, film and company data in Cinando which they can import.

Many companies also use EBO as a customer relation management (CRM) that helps them keep track of theit current and potential sponsors, donors and suppliers and keep the history of communicating with them. Using the built-in mass mailing system, they send mails, newsletters, press releases, etc.

Logistical toolbox
For film festivals, EBO is obviously a logistical toolbox in which they can find practically everything to help them handle calls for registration, sell and print badges, collect, review and select film submissions, publish the information about the selected films and attending delegations as well as special events on their website, and handle guest-related logistics from invitation to hotel reservations, airport pickups and local transfers.

What sets Eventival Back Office apart from other film festivals platforms?
EBO is not the only film festival management platform in the world. So why is used by more festivals than all the other platforms combined? Other platforms are usually used by only a handful of smaller local festivals so they are not really ready for working across borders, time zones and cultural differences. They also have far fewer users – which means that you can’t really tell how stable they are; that only becomes evident when the system has to handle hundreds of thousands of data transactions, something EBO has been doing for years. They often don’t grow: some have websites that haven’t changed since their launch, often because they simply have little to add in terms of features and clients. They’re also operated by small teams which results in slow response. And because some are isolated from the industry to which they serve, they’re not integrated with other services and platforms festivals need to use. And finally, they often depend on external funding – you never know when they will run out of money and close down.




Festival clients



Streamline, simplify, centralise

Films and projects

One central database for all your film information and materials


Create your application form with desired fields and streamline your submission process

Review and Selection

Let your reviewers score films in a safe and user friendly environment and communicate with filmmakers easily

Programming and Schedule

Start programming your festival easily by drag & dropping the films into the schedule. Add presentations and Q&As and let Eventival handle double bookings and other collisions

Visitor Page

Your communication channel with filmmakers, guests, participants, volunteers and press - letting them submit films, register and much more


Let participants register online for accreditation. Design badge layouts, print them and scan barcodes onsite

Hospitality and Itineraries

Invite film delegations and other guests, manage their travel, local transfers and hotels. Send out personalised itineraries and create custom exports.

Events and Meetings

Create guest lists, send invitations, let participants RSVP online. Export guest lists and manage meetings.

Contact database

Grow your online database of people, company, film and event contacts with customisable in-depth details, keep track of changing relationships throughout the years.

Mass mailing

Send unlimited press releases, newsletters or personalised invitations via built-in email client or connected mass mail systems. Archive of sent emails. Flexible mailing lists.

Search and export

Powerful search tool allowing any number of filtering combinations. Create custom exports and reports and choose the desired format.

Publications and Web Synchronization

Prepare your publication entries with translations in one central database and export to other online or printed platforms such as festival website, mobile app, ticketing system and catalogues and brochures.

Voting and Awards

Organise online jury voting in a user friendly interface and export the results.

Project Management

Plan and manage work, distribute tasks and keep track of to do lists and deadlines.


Benefit from integration with Cinando, Film Festival Life, Festhome, App4Fest mobile app, Colosseum ticketing, MailChimp, SendGrid, Mailjet and Mad Mimi.

Customisable interface

Create additional custom database fields, drop-down menus, text boxes and checkboxes to make your Eventival fit like a glove.

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