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per year


Entry level database for festival and event organisers


Online Training
User Guide



Import from Excel
Double suggestion and Merging
Search and Export
Custom Fields
Mass Actions
Store Files and Links in Safe
Import from Cinando

Email Templates
Mass Mailing
Visitor Page
Online Forms
Multiple Languages
Customisable Interface
Table Overviews
Credentials Control

*All fees are exclusive of VAT


3 300eur
per year


Full set of tools to run festivals and events of all sizes and types


Online Training
User Guide


All Light version features

Travel and Transfers


Guest Lists

Online Registration

Venue and Capacity Management

Events Scheduling


Online Registration


Badge Design and Printing

QR or Barcodes Scanning


Tasks, Checklists, Notifications

*All fees are exclusive of VAT

select type of event

Film Information and Materials
Film or Project Submission
Review and Selection
Film Catalogue Entry Form
Film Logistics and Fees
Film Programming
Festival Schedule
Custom Fields
Synchronization With Website, Mobile App And Ticketing


600 to 5 000 EUR per year

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Build your own Eventival
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Online Training
User Guide


Select any features from the Standard version

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Mobile Application
Additional Editions
Onsite Training

Film Voting and Awards
Film Updates
Meeting Requests

*All fees are exclusive of VAT

Frequently Asked Questions


What is the subscription period?

Subscriptions are annual. However, you have an option of subscribing for 2 years, in which case you receive a 20% discount from the total Service Fee (paid in full at the beginning of the service period).

What is Eventival Custom and how much will it cost?

Eventival Custom includes all features of Eventival Light plus those you choose from Eventival Standard and/or the Add-on features. The Service Fee is calculated based on the features you have chosen.

Can I get a discount?

We offer a 20% Service Fee discount if you subscribe for 2 years instead of one. The discounted 2-year Service Fee is paid in full at the beginning of the service period. Using our Client Referral program, you can also recommend Eventival to another festival or event organiser and - if it works out - get a discount of up to 20% (while the new client gets a small discount too). Read more information here.

I am not sure which features to select, can someone help?

Take a look at our detailed Feature Overview here. Or, if you want us to assist you with finding “your” kind of Eventival, contact us at [email protected].

What is included in the Service Fee?

The Service Fee includes the implementation and usage of the software, online training and support, and regular updates resulting from our clients’ feedback.

Are there any hidden charges or extra costs?

Absolutely not. However, you may opt to get more Eventival editions (rather than just one included in the Service Fee), onsite (rather than online) training, or custom development. These are all additional requests subject to charges.

What is an additional edition?

The easiest way to fully understand what we mean by an “Eventival edition” is to get it explained from us, but to summarise: Our core clientele are festival or event organisers that use Eventival both for daily data management and ongoing activities (such as importing/exporting data, searching, mass mailing) that have nothing to do with event management, as well as the activities only related to the event/s you plan and organise. A festival organiser will typically need only one edition per year because the festival is its main event with demands for hospitality logistics. An organiser of several festivals or events per year with typical logistical needs (guest arrivals, local transfers, hotel reservations, personal itineraries, screening/event schedules) will work more comfortably in separate editions, and will usually ask us to open more of them (for which we charge a symbolic fee). However, when the additional events are small and/or don’t involve the use of a great deal of logistics, you can manage them all within one edition. Finally, there are clients that do not organise anything and are fine with the one default edition. To sum up, whether you should have any additional editions, and if so, how many, will become clear after the first orientation with our staff.

Can I try a demo version?

Yes, we will gladly walk you through Eventival features and workflow in a live demo over Skype. Upon request, we will then give you access to a demo version to play around in.


I am interested. What shall I do next?

Contact us at [email protected], describe your festival/event, your current database and logistical tools and your needs, and we will tell you which version of Eventival will fit you best. We will then send you a price quotation and a link to an order form, and once we received them confirmed and filled in, respectively, we will be ready to get you started.

How long does the implementation take?

Your new Eventival database will be created within minutes. We should then have a quick call to agree on the implementation steps, namely whether you want to migrate data from your previous database or spreadsheets and when you will get your first training sessions (this will be based on where exactly you are in your festival planning). The implementation period may be several days but also several months, based on your data migration needs, the availability of your staff for trainings, and your festival’s timeline. However, remember that not everything has to be done at the same time!

How are the trainings done?

Trainings are usually online and our preferred tool for them is Skype (which allows easy screen sharing). We can also arrange an onsite training for which our staff member will come to your office which is a service that carries an extra charge. You can also send your festival staff for a training course in Prague (again, this is charged extra, though it’s cheaper than when our trainer visits you).

Is there a User Guide?

Yes indeed, our user manuals (currently available in English) cover all aspects, features and workflows of Eventival.

What kind of support do you provide?

Using our in-built support app, you can send us a message with your question or problem. Requests for support are monitored daily during our office hours Monday to Friday (9:00 to 17:00 UTC + 01) and replied to with no delay, always no later than in 24 hours. In case of emergencies, you may use our Hotline.