Marguerite Farag

Trainer and Representative (Arab countries)

Marguerite Farag

Marguerite is a festival organiser from Egypt who has worked at Cinando in Paris, El Gouna Film Festival in Cairo, and dok.Incubator in Prague.

Marquerite studied film in New York and Paris where she was an intern at Cinando before graduating from the American University in Cairo. Her jobs in the film industry ranged from production to education and film festivals such as the Panorama of European Film, Cairo Cinema Days and El Gouna Film Festival where she was an organizer as well as the Eventival database coordinator. 
Marguerite was born and raised in Cairo, and is currently doing her M.A. in Montage at FAMU in Prague where she has also worked for dok.incubator. She is fluent in Arabic, English and French and is currently becoming an Eventival expert trainer.