Meet Eventival at Toronto Int. Film Festival

06 September 2018 - On the road

Tomas is attending TIFF to show you a sneak peek of our new mobile app.

"When Eventival burst onto the festival scene in February 2009, one of the most crucial impulses for its rapid growth was the collaboration with TIFF that was agreed upon at the Berlinale. Although the plan proved to be a little too ambitious (as Eventival was literally in diapers) which ended up making 2009 a tough year for everyone, it was also a major lesson that led to the assembly of a new team that begun to build a completely new Eventival - the same one which today is the undisputed industry leader in providing software to film festivals.

I haven’t been back to Toronto since March 2009 when the Bell Lightbox was still being built - today’s screening halls resembled empty concrete swimming pools, and we watched the streets below through the cobweb of scaffoldings.

I am therefore really excited to finally be back. The Toronto IFF was an important step on the Eventival journey nine years ago, and I hope that it will be yet another important step on our journey towards the North American film festival market."

Contact Tomas at [email protected] to schedule a meeting.