Lisette Winkler

Representative (Germany, Spain, Latin America)

Lisette Winkler

Lisette Winkler represents Eventival in Germany and the Spanish-speaking countries. She is a French-Chilean national, lived in Paris for ten years, and is now based in Berlin.

Lisette joined Eventival in May 2017 after working on a series of documentary films and filmographic productions in Chile and France.

Lisette studied social anthropology at the University of Chile, specializing in audiovisual anthropology. In 2006 she moved to Paris where she studied visual history. In France she worked for four years at the Audiovisual Research Archives of the ESCoM-FMSH where she was in charge of the production and indexing of audiovisual documents related to Latin America. She has created a portal dedicated to Latin America (Latin American Media Library - Amsud). Between 2011 and 2015, she was in charge of communication at the Institute of Advanced Studies in Paris.