Eventival Submission Platform
(coming soon)

After helping hundreds of festivals receive over 300,000 films using the submission forms in their Visitor Pages, we have built our own film submission platform - open to everyone, independent of but integrated with the Eventival Back Office, and accessible with an Eventival Account.

When we created the Visitor Page, an interface meant to ease the communication between festival teams on one side and the filmmakers and attendees on the other side, one of its main purposes was to handle the film and project submission process (including online film reviews) from A to Z.

As more festivals started to receive film submissions via Eventival, we made the submission forms more flexible, integrated them with payment gateways and several film submission platforms (Festhome, Film Festival Life, Doc Film Depot, Movibeta) and improved the film review features. But filmmakers submitting one film into dozens of festivals all using Eventival Back Office still had to re-submit the film over and over, and hundreds of smaller festivals that wanted to use Eventival only for the submissions could not.

The solution was obvious: to launch our own platform - the ESP, Eventival Submission Platform.