General activities

Storing and managing contacts

  • People, company, film, play, artist and special event contacts and mutual relationships in one online database
  • Virtual business cards reflecting the complex reality of professional relationships
  • Unlimited categories, groups, sections, lists and queries


  • Press releases, newsletters or other emails via our own Mass Mail Module or via other mailing systems (currently MailChimp, SendGrid, Mailjet, Mad Mimi)
  • Archive of sent emails
  • Possibility to personalize mass emails thanks to merge fields
  • Generate personalized PDF attachments - e.g. invitations, invoices
  • Email tips to avoid spam filters
  • Flexibility in creating mailing lists
  • Seamless two-way communication via Eventival Visitor Page - the interface enhancing exchange of information between staff and everyone else

Mass actions

  • Mass mail and invitation
  • Mass data transfers shortening the time tedious work would otherwise take
  • Mass printing of badges, hotel vouchers, guests’ itineraries or other documents

Data imports, exports and analyses

  • Basic data import capability permitting upload of old data from Excel sheets and also import from Cinando database
  • Double suggestion permitting to discover potential doubles and merge them
  • Powerful search tool allowing almost unlimited combinations of various criteria
  • Extensive data export capabilities permitting exports of data, lists and queries into a variety of formats
  • Query and Export Manager for useful or frequently used export structures
  • Synchronization of data with website and mobile app

Online registration and other data exchange

  • Any number of customisable online forms (registration, submission forms for films, projects or bands, calls for volunteers, questionnaires, etc.)
  • Payments via integrated payment gateways (PayPal, The Pay, Carta Si, Nordea, Swedbank, SEB, Sampo Pank, Epay Kerala, Borgun, Buckaroo)
  • Forms with or without the need of login to Visitor Page
  • Automated confirmation emails with personalized information

Accounts and credentials

  • Login accounts for Back Office and Visitor Page users
  • Credential management
  • User groups
  • Restricted access to selected profiles

People and companies

Accreditation and badges

  • Handle online registration and accreditation
  • Create accreditation levels and design badge layouts
  • Accept online payments via multiple payment options (see above)
  • Print plastic or paper badges with QR or barcodes
  • Scan badges to record their issuing or event attendance
  • Export detailed attendance statistics

Hospitality and guest services

  • Create, assign and send invitations, and review replies
  • Track international arrivals and departures
  • Arrange and track local pick-up and drop-off transfer schedules
  • Make and track reservations in festival hotels, online rooming list, keeping track of the costs
  • Special event invitations and schedule of interviews and meetings
  • Meeting requests management
  • Personal itineraries deliverable to the guests via Visitor Page or Mass Mail
  • Flexible search for guests based on any criteria
  • Customizable data exports to various formats - e.g. reports, printouts
  • Archive of past invitations, hotel reservations and event attendance

Project management

  • Projects, activities, tasks, notifications, timeframes to manage planned work
  • Keeping track of deadlines and responsibilities

Volunteer and talent recruitment and management

  • Keep all present and past personal data in one database for easy tracking
  • Create application forms with desired fields and in required languages
  • Organise and publish calls for applicants on your website
  • Easily inform the selected and not selected applicants
  • Handle staff accreditation, accommodation, travel, communication and schedules

Membership management

  • Keep all present and past member data in one database for easy tracking
  • Online member registration
  • Flexible payment options (see above), flexible conditions and levels

Donor and partner relations (CRM)

  • Keep present and past donor and partner data in one place for easy tracking
  • Track development in business relationships in Project management
  • Store and keep track of donations and manage donation plans

Media relations

  • Keep present and past media representative data in one place for easy tracking
  • Send press releases by mass mail
  • Handle requests for press accreditation, manage accommodation and travel
  • Collect and manage interview requests and organize itineraries


Schedules and itineraries

  • Create a master schedule for all films, live events (concerts, performances) and special events (parties, cocktails, panels, presentations, interviews)
  • Create itineraries for guests, filmmakers and artists
  • Export schedule in a number of formats and templates
  • Synchronise schedule with websites, apps or export to create publications


Film and project profiles

  • Create film profiles or import them from Cinando database
  • Collect and store film titles, specs, synopses, relations
  • Receive and create technical sheets
  • Track all film and guest related fees
  • Create a film archive and publish it on your website

Film and project submission

  • Create online submission forms for films, projects, etc.
  • Invite films and ask filmmakers to update film information
  • Receive and track submission fees
  • Create discount codes
  • Synchronize your Eventival with Film festival life or Festhome platforms to import film submissions

Film review & selection

  • Set up a customisable film rating and reviewing system
  • Collect reviews and suggestions from programmers and reviewers
  • Keep track of the selection status and film sections and inform the submitter about their selection

Film programming

  • Create a master film schedule easily using drag & drop scheduling
  • Create venues and set up business rules to warn you about restrictions in formats, time or other clashes
  • Create typed of screenings
  • Schedule presentations and Q&As with each screening and add them to the presenters’ itineraries
  • Export the schedule into a customizable template or synchronize with your website and app
  • Schedule a screening of short films by creating a film package
  • Push to Cinando Video Library

Film publications

  • Copy editing, proofreading and translating tools in a dedicated space
  • Set up any number of desired publication formats
  • Publish relevant content on your website and mobile application

Media and venue logistics

  • Screener management
  • Handle print and media traffic
  • Flexible venue specs

Voting and Awards

  • Voting and collecting data through customisable voting forms
  • Reviewing voting results and publishing them on paper and online

Artists (Music festivals)

Artist and band profiles

  • Collect and store titles, bios, label, agent and crew information and contacts
  • Store technical riders, hospitality riders and stage plans in one place and send links to the documents to the relevant festival staff
  • Keep track of the production progress
  • Manage and track all artist related fees, deposits and other payments
  • Create an artist archive and publish it on your website


  • Create online band submission forms
  • Invite artists and ask them to update information and contacts
  • Receive and track submission fees, create discount codes

Review & selection

  • Set up a customisable band rating and reviewing system
  • Collect reviews and suggestions from programmers and reviewers
  • Keep track of the selection status and inform the artist about their selection


  • Create a master schedule easily using drag & drop scheduling
  • Create venues for various activities
  • Schedule sound checks, line checks, interviews, rehearsals, concerts, etc.
  • Export schedule into a customizable template or synchronize with your website and app
  • Link the scheduled activities with special events


  • Set up any number of desired publication formats
  • Edit and translate publication entries
  • Store “clean” data and files
  • Publish relevant content on your website


Play profiles

  • Collect and store play titles, specs, contacts and information
  • Track all play related fees
  • Manage translations and save dialogues, subtitles or other texts or documents
  • Create a play archive and publish it on your website


  • Create a master schedule easily using drag & drop scheduling
  • Create venues for various activities
  • Schedule sound checks, interviews, rehearsals, performances, etc.
  • Export the schedule into a customizable template or synchronize with your website and app
  • Link the scheduled activities with special events

Events and conferences

Event profile

  • Collect and store all relevant event details
  • Set events as Open (accessible to anyone on your Visitor Page) or closed (only accessible to people selected from Back Office)
  • Keep track of different stakeholders and suppliers to the event (vendors, catering providers, security)

Guest list & Invitations

  • Create, edit and export guest lists at any time
  • Control event capacity, reply deadlines and number of guests per invitation
  • Create invitation templates and personalize them with merge fields
  • Send event invitations individually or en masse, with or without login


  • Collect the guests' replies either through the Visitor Page or a Quick reply page that does not require the guest to log in
  • See replies statistics
  • Send reminders and confirmations

Event scheduling

  • Master schedule for events, talks, panels, seminars
  • Create venues and link them to companies and addresses
  • Add smaller 'Meetings' to the guests' itineraries


  • Publish relevant content on your website
  • Export the schedule into a customizable template
  • Export the guest list and the list of confirmed attendees

General Features

  • Eventival is web-based and platform independent and can be used on most common browsers
  • ​Upgrades are free and regular thanks to our clients' feedback. Clients are notified of any changes in regular newsletters
  • Eventival provides two interfaces - the Back Office is where the staff works, while the customizable Visitor Page is where the people you want to get in touch with (e.g. guests, filmmakers, artists, volunteers) go
  • ​Eventival is structured to permit a simultaneous preparation of multiple projects/festivals/events. You can create multiple editions (archive or even future ones) and share selected data across editions to eliminate additional work.
  • Customisable modules throughout the system
  • Both Eventival interfaces have been localised - the Visitor Page exists in over fifteen languages (English (default), Arabic, Bulgarian, Czech, Estonian, French, Italian, Korean, Lithuanian, Polish, Portuguese, Norwegian, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Turkish), the Back Office in three (English (default), Czech, Turkish (completed), French, Korean (in progress)
  • Excellent user and technical support
  • Annual subscription


  • Eventival is cloud-based.
  • It is programmed in the PHP/MySQLapplication environment using the Symfony ( framework.
  • The architecture is secure and scalable and facilitates easy and transparent upgrades.
  • All Eventival interfaces use an SSL Certificate from DigiCert.


  • The application and databases are stored with Active 24 (, a major European hosting company, a subsidiary of Mamut (
  • Active 24 guarantees 24-hour security and technical surveillance.


  • All data is encrypted and backed up every 24 hours to minimise potential loss of data.
  • User groups and permission levels minimise the risk of accidental errors.


  • Benefit from integration with Cinando, Film Festival Life, Festhome, App4Fest mobile app, Colosseum ticketing, MailChimp, SendGrid, Mailjet and Mad Mimi.
  • Ready-made solution for synchronization between Eventival and CMS by Pro-Idea.