Integration with Movibeta

02 October 2019 - Development

Eventival and Movibeta submission platform start a partnership


As Eventival evolves towards becoming an environment in which filmmakers around the world can submit their work to even more festivals in a simplified submission process, we're integrating it with yet another film submission platform.

Movibeta has been serving filmmakers and festivals since 2009, and is known and used by over 700 feature and short film festivals, mostly in Spain, Italy and Latin America.

Movibeta’s service is free for film festivals and the platform is available in English, Spanish, Italian, French, German, Portuguese and Greek.

If you're already using Movibeta, you will benefit from this integration by receiving film submissions and processing them using its tools, and then migrate the selected films easily into Eventival and prepare them for the festival using Eventival’s scheduling and publication tools.

For more information about Movibeta, please contact:

Delia Guerra Parra