Eventival Roadmap 2020-2021

08 February 2021 - Development

We are changing for you! See what's new:

Last year brought an unexpected revolution upon film festivals, challenging the organizers to design new formats for their events. Eventival responded to the needs of the industry by developing a record number of integrations and updates. Here is a recap of the recent changes and a sneak peek into the future.



Integrations and API
Focused on adapting to the new situation and providing the maximum support to the festivals in their new digital or hybrid formats, we improved or newly developed integrations with a number of third-party VOD, streaming, ticketing and networking platforms, such as Aniontb.square, Eventive, Cinando VL, CineSend, FilmFetch, Pitch the Doc, Reelhouse, Ticketack, TicketsMarche and WYTH, are working on new ones like Ferve Tickets or Pantaflix, and are actively seeking new integration partners in all of the 40+ countries in which Eventival clients operate. You can check the list of currently available integrations here.

Pro Package upgrade
Along with a broader range of integrations, and to make the Eventival Back Office even more accessible and widely used, all packages now come with an unlimited number of editions and Back Office users. On top of that, Eventival Pro subscribers can benefit from an annual 3-day onsite training in their location, meant to increase their confidence in using the platform, keep them updated on all its possibilities, train new team members, and discuss individual cases and adjustments to their workflow. You can find the updated list of features and services now included in our Pro package here.

Mobile App update
An update of the Eventival Mobile App was released in August, creating the possibility of using it as an all-year-round audience engagement and marketing tool. More information about the app is available here.

Eventival Help Centre
We have switched to Zoho Desk support system, enabled search function directly in the Back Office, simplified reporting issues, and expanded our Knowledge Base. The Help Centre will soon be further enhanced by adding the Eventival User Forum for exchanging tips and tricks and video tutorials. The new support centre can be found under the help icon in your Back Office, or in a full-page mode here.


Easier professional categorisation
Good organisation of data is essential for a good use of any database, which is why we keep improving it: most recently by simplyfing the professional categorisation. The old hierarchical 3-level structure has been replaced by a more flexible format of defining what the people and companies in your database actually do. Visit the Eventival Help Centre to know more.

Wordpress plugins and website integration demo
Available upon request, our new plugins will help your web developers import data from the Eventival Back Office into Wordpress-based websites and show it in a template using the gutenberg editor without any need for programming. More plugins are coming soon, alongside a demo website illustrating how much of your data can be automatically uploaded to your festival site, quickly and effortlessly.

Eventival Submission Platform
Our film and project submission platform will soon be released. Built over the past two and half years in order to free the submitters from the burden of re-submitting the same films to different Eventival-powered festivals, it will complement the film submission system built in your Eventival Back Office and Visitor Page. We will give you a heads up before the launch, and assist you with setting it up and informing your filmmakers.

The new look: Eventival Back Office 3
We are about to reach 1000 festival editions organised with Eventival — and what better way to celebrate than by releasing a new, completely redesigned, intuitive third generation of Eventival Back Office, sleek, modern and drawing upon the feedback from hundreds of festival professionals working with it every day.

Eventival Account extended functionality
The Eventival Account released in 2019 simplified logging into Eventival applications, festival websites, and integrated third-party platforms, eliminating the need for different user names and passwords. Its homepage now shows the integrations already accessible with one click. The upcoming upgrade of the Eventival Account will bring another major advantage: after saving in it your personal and professional information, you will be able to import it to any festival Visitor Page or integrated application.

Visitor Page 3
And finally, big changes await the Visitor Page as well. The communication interface used by nearly 500 000 people to exchange information with 100+ film festivals each year will turn into a customisable interactive environment, providing a unique experience that will reflect the individual needs of festival guests and audiences. More news soon, stay tuned!