General activities

Storing and managing contacts

  • A relational online data platform storing information about content (events, films, music, theatre) and content creators (staff, volunteers, vendors, suppliers, filmmakers, artists, etc.)
  • Personal and company databases with preset and customisable fields, expandable contact details, display of professional interactions, flexible and customisable categorisation
  • Film, artist, performance and event databases with preset and customisable fields, display of people and company interactions, flexible and customisable categorisation
  • All databases are interrelated and archived
  • A project database
  • Customisable lists and queries


  • Integrated Mass Mailing system to handle distribution of press releases, newsletters or other bulk emails
  • Ready for integration with leading professional mailing systems (MailChimp, SendGrid, Mailjet, Mad Mimi)
  • Archive of emails sent from the system
  • Possibility to personalize mass emails using Eventival Mail Merge Fields
  • Possibility to generate personalized PDF attachments (e.g. invitations, invoices)
  • Email tips to avoid spam filters
  • Flexibility in creating mailing lists
  • Seamless communication via the Eventival Visitor Page - the interface facilitating exchange of information

Mass actions

  • Mailing (press releases, newsletters, bulk mails), invitation to events and events within events
  • Mass data transfers reducing tedious work with large amounts of data
  • Mass printing of badges and hotel vouchers
  • Mass generating or printing of guests’ itineraries or other documents
  • Simultaneous programming of films and events into preset schedules

Data imports, exports and analyses

  • User-managed data migration from previously used databases
  • Importing additional data from Excel sheets
  • Importing people, company and film data from the Cinando database
  • Alerts to avoid storing duplicate entries (persons, companies), and the possibility to merge them
  • Powerful search tool allowing nearly unlimited combinations of criteria
  • Extensive data export capabilities to export data, lists and queries into various formats
  • Query and Export Manager for useful or frequently used export structures
  • Synchronization of selected content and personal data with websites and mobile apps

Online registration and other data exchange

  • Unlimited number of customisable online forms (registration, calls for film entries, project or band submissions, calls for volunteers, questionnaires, etc.)
  • Payments via integrated payment gateways (PayPal, The Pay, Carta Si, Nordea, Swedbank, SEB, Sampo Pank, Epay Kerala, Borgun, Buckaroo)
  • Answer forms requiring login to the Visitor Page as well as simpler forms without login
  • Automated confirmation emails with personalized information

Accounts and credentials

  • Login accounts for Back Office and Visitor Page users
  • Credential management permitting the admin(s) to set different levels of access rights to different databases and modules, either per individual user or a predefined user group
  • Private profiles visible only to users with a permission

People and companies

Accreditation and badges

  • Online registration and accreditation
  • Customisable accreditation levels
  • Customisable design of accreditation badge layouts
  • Online payments via multiple payment options (see above)
  • Possibility to print plastic or paper badges with QR or barcodes
  • Scanning badges to record their issuing or event attendance
  • Possibilty to export detailed attendance statistics

Hospitality and guest services

  • Creating, assigning, sending and processing invitations
  • Tracking international arrivals and departures
  • Managing local pick-up and drop-off transfer schedules
  • Managing reservations in festival hotels, online rooming list, keeping track of the costs
  • Special event invitations and schedule of interviews and meetings
  • Meeting requests management
  • Personal itineraries deliverable to guests via Visitor Page or Mass Mail
  • Flexible search for guests based on any criteria
  • Customizable data exports to various formats - e.g. reports, printouts
  • Archive of past invitations, hotel reservations and event attendance

Project management

  • Projects, activities, tasks, notifications, timeframes to manage planned work
  • Keeping track of deadlines and responsibilities

Volunteer and talent recruitment and management

  • Keep all present and past personal data in one database for easy tracking
  • Create application forms with desired fields and in required languages
  • Organise and publish calls for applicants on your website
  • Easily inform the selected and not selected applicants
  • Handle staff accreditation, accommodation, travel, communication and schedules

Membership management

  • Keep all present and past member data in one database for easy tracking
  • Online member registration
  • Flexible payment options (see above), flexible conditions and levels

Media relations

  • Keep present and past media representative data in one place for easy tracking
  • Send press releases by mass mail
  • Handle requests for press accreditation, manage accommodation and travel
  • Collect and manage interview requests and organize itineraries


Schedules and itineraries

  • Master schedule for films, live events (concerts, performances) and special events (parties, cocktails, panels, presentations, interviews)
  • Itineraries for guests, filmmakers and artists
  • Schedules exportable in a number of formats and templates
  • Schedule synchronisation with websites, apps or export to create publications


Film and project profiles

  • Create film profiles or import them from Cinando database
  • Collect and store film titles, specs, synopses, relations
  • Receive and create technical sheets
  • Track all film and guest related fees
  • Create a film archive and publish it on your website

Film and project submission

  • Create online submission forms for films, projects, etc.
  • Invite films and ask filmmakers to update film information
  • Receive and track submission fees
  • Create discount codes
  • Synchronize your Eventival with Film festival life or Festhome platforms to import film submissions

Film review & selection

  • Set up a customisable film rating and reviewing system
  • Collect reviews and suggestions from programmers and reviewers
  • Keep track of the selection status and film sections and inform the submitter about their selection

Film programming

  • Create a master film schedule easily using drag & drop scheduling
  • Create venues and set up business rules to warn you about restrictions in formats, time or other clashes
  • Create typed of screenings
  • Schedule presentations and Q&As with each screening and add them to the presenters’ itineraries
  • Export the schedule into a customizable template or synchronize with your website and app
  • Schedule a screening of short films by creating a film package
  • Push to Cinando Video Library

Film publications

  • Copy editing, proofreading and translating tools in a dedicated space
  • Set up any number of desired publication formats
  • Publish relevant content on your website and mobile application

Media and venue logistics

  • Screener management
  • Handle print and media traffic
  • Flexible venue specs

Voting and Awards

  • Voting and collecting data through customisable voting forms
  • Reviewing voting results and publishing them on paper and online

Events and conferences

Event profile

  • Collect and store all relevant event details
  • Set events as Open (accessible to anyone on your Visitor Page) or closed (only accessible to people selected from Back Office)
  • Keep track of different stakeholders and suppliers to the event (vendors, catering providers, security)

Guest list & Invitations

  • Create, edit and export guest lists at any time
  • Control event capacity, reply deadlines and number of guests per invitation
  • Create invitation templates and personalize them with merge fields
  • Send event invitations individually or en masse, with or without login


  • Collect the guests' replies either through the Visitor Page or a Quick reply page that does not require the guest to log in
  • See replies statistics
  • Send reminders and confirmations

Event scheduling

  • Master schedule for events, talks, panels, seminars
  • Create venues and link them to companies and addresses
  • Add smaller 'Meetings' to the guests' itineraries


  • Publish relevant content on your website
  • Export the schedule into a customizable template
  • Export the guest list and the list of confirmed attendees

General Features

  • The system is web-based, platform independent, and runs on most browsers
  • ​Upgrades are free, regular, based on clients' feedback, and announced by email
  • The system has two interfaces: Back Office, accessible only to designated staff, and Visitor Page, accessible to people who exchange information with the staff (e.g. guests, filmmakers, artists, volunteers)
  • ​Eventival supports a simultaneous preparation of multiple projects (festivals, events, etc.) using a multi-edition structure permitting to share selected data across editions (including past and future ones)
  • All data from past editions is archived within the system
  • All databases contain customisable modules with free forms
  • The default language of the Back Office is English, other available languages include French, Spanish, Czech, Korean and Turkish
  • The default language of the Visitor Page is English, other available languages include Bulgarian, Czech, Estonian, Farsi, French, Italian, Korean, Lithuanian, Polish, Portuguese, Norwegian, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Turkish)
  • Eventival provides an excellent user and technical support
  • All subscription periods are annual


  • Eventival is cloud-based
  • It is programmed in the PHP framework Symfony and stores data in a MySQL database
  • The architecture is secure and scalable and facilitates easy and transparent upgrades
  • All software is kept up to date


  • Application and databases are stored at servers managed by independent providers that guarantee 24-hour security and technical surveillance
  • Eventival production server is managed by Active 24, a major panEuropean hosting company, a subsidiary of Visma, Europe's leading provider of software and services in Scandinavia, Benelux, and Central and Eastern Europe, with headquarters in Oslo, Norway.
  • Eventival staging server is managed by SuperHosting, a leading Czech hosting company with 15 years of active business based in Prague.
  • Automated complete data backup is performed every 24 hours
  • Availability of all crucial services is under a constant surveillance of a monitoring system 


  • All communication between Eventival web server and the clients' browsers is encrypted via SSL (HTTPS protocol)
  • Access to Back Office is password-protected
  • All actions under each login are restricted pursuant to assigned credentials
  • User groups and permission levels minimise risk of unauthorised access or accidental errors
  • Data is stored with Active24, a subsidiary of Europe's leading software services provider Visma, at servers stored at the high tech data centre of the Czech Radiocommunications 


  • Databases: back-office and Visitor Page users can import personal, company and film data from Cinando, the premier online network for film professionals
  • Submission platforms: back-office users can import film entries from the Festhome and Film Festival Life submission platforms
  • Mobile apps: festival participants and guests can view selected content in a dedicated Eventival App
  • Selected content can also be viewed in a mobile application developed by App4Fest as well as several other apps developed by festivals
  • Ticketing: back-office users can push selected personal and film data into Colosseum, a film festival ticketing platform. Integration with other ticketing platforms is also available.
  • Mass mailing systems: back-office users can choose to take advantage of the MailChimp, SendGrid, Mailjet and Mad Mimi mass mailing systems
  • Custom website synchronization between Eventival and a CMS developed by Eventival partner Pro-Idea is available
  • Payments gateways: 18 international and local payments gateways to process your payments are available
  • Web services: Our web services permit synchronisation of your website or ticketing system with contents stored in Eventival