Eventival Account

The gateway to applications created by or integrated with Eventival

What is an Eventival Account?
An Eventival Account is a user account that is required for access, authentication and authorization to certain online services provided by Eventival.

What is an Eventival single sign on?
Eventival single sign on is a secure authentication system that lets the user log in with a single Eventival Account to all Eventival applications as well as certain other third-party applications and systems. 

Why was Eventival Account created?
Eventival serves as a database and a logistical system for hundreds of film festivals and events, and as a communication channel for thousands of filmmakers and film professionals many of who need to simultaneously access multiple Eventival databases and other applications integrated with them. As these filmmakers and film professionals used to be burdened by the need to keep separate logins for each Eventival or other application (sometimes more than twenty), it became necessary to provide them with a single sign on option that would spare them the need to log in by enabling them to sign in with their Eventival Account (or, alternately, their Facebook or Google login). Another reason for creating Eventival Account was to relieve the staff at organisations using Eventival from having to deal with their Visitor Page users’ registration issues which are now solved directly by Eventival support staff.

Third party use
A provider of an authenticated web applications can delegate the authentication function to Eventival. When a user tries to gain access to a secure resource on the third party website, they are redirected to the Eventival Account login page. Here they will see an explanation of why they need to log in with their Eventival credentials. Any data which is to be shared with the third party will also be listed on this screen. Once authentication has succeeded, the user is redirected back to the referring site along with a token identifying them as having logged in via Eventival. 
The applications currently accessible with an Eventival Account include the Eventival Back Office and the Visitor Page, the Eventival Mobile App (created by Skeleton Software under the supervision and with the help of Eventival), b.square one-on-one meeting platform, Cinando Video Library, and the Eventive ticketing platform. Integration is also planned with CineSend and FilmFetch. 

New opportunities for promotion and collaboration
Eventival Account also opens possibilities for promotion of organisations using the platform, as well as for various forms of collaboration and exchange of services, know how and information. While already a big improvement, it is only the first step on our way towards greater convenience when planning, producing and communicating with film, music and other cultural, social and business events.