General Features

  • The platform is web-based, platform independent, and runs on all modern browsers
  • ​Upgrades are free, regular, based on clients' feedback, and announced by email and an internal update notification system
  • The platform has two interfaces: the Eventival Back Office, the admin interface accessible only to staff members with access permissions, and the Eventival Visitor Page, accessible to anyone who creates a valid login
  • ​The platform supports a simultaneous preparation of multiple projects (festivals, events, etc.) using a multi-edition structure permitting to share selected data across editions (including past and future ones)
  • All data from past editions is archived within the database
  • All databases contain customisable modules with free forms
  • The default language of the Visitor Page is English, other available languages include Bosnian, Croatioan, Serbian, Bulgarian, Czech, Estonian, Farsi, French, German, Greek, Italian, Korean, Lithuanian, Polish, Portuguese, Norwegian, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Turkish, 
  • Eventival provides an excellent user and technical support
  • Subscription period is typically annual


  • The system is programmed in the PHP framework Symfony and stores data in a MySQL database
  • The architecture is secure and scalable and facilitates easy and transparent upgrades
  • All software is kept up to date


  • Application and databases are stored at servers managed by independent providers that guarantee 24-hour security and technical surveillance
  • Eventival production server is managed by Active 24, a major panEuropean hosting company, a subsidiary of Axcel, Nordic leading provider of software and services, with headquarters in Copenhagen, Denmark.
  • Automated complete data backup is performed every 24 hours
  • Availability of all crucial services is under a constant surveillance of a monitoring system 


  • All communication between Eventival web server and the clients' browsers is encrypted via TLS (HTTPS protocol)
  • Access to Eventival Back Office is possible via the password-protected Eventival Account single sign on system
  • All actions under each login are restricted pursuant to assigned credentials
  • User groups and permission levels minimise risk of unauthorised access or accidental errors