New festival mobile app

29 April 2018 - Development

Anyone can browse through festival program, film details, buy tickets and create screening schedules. Festival guests can also view their hospitality itineraries, events and guest lists.

A mobile application fully integrated with Eventival Visitor Page will soon be available thanks to the collaboration with Skeleton Software.

It will let your filmmakers and guests browse through the festival program or film details, create their own film schedule, read festival news, and easily check the travel, transfer, hotel and event details stored in the Visitor Page on their mobile phones even when they're offline

The app will have two sections:

The public section will serve the general audience, and will contain the festival program (with the possibility to create one’s own, mark favourite films, etc.), list of films with details, general festival information, news and a map, and it will be possible to connect it to a ticketing system.

The private section - basically a mobile-friendly Visitor Page - will serve guests, filmmakers and journalists to check their hospitality data (invitation, travel and transfers, accommodation, badges, event invitations, meetings, Who is Here offering a possibility to send direct email messages, and their overall schedule) and selected film information.

The Eventival mobile app is a giant leap in our continuous effort to improve communication between festivals and guests.

Until now, festival apps integrated with Eventival could only display the information available to general public. To access their Visitor Page, guests needed a computer. Not everyone travels with a laptop or wants to queue for public PCs to check their VP, but almost everyone has a smartphone.

Waiting in the cinema before the screening or at a table for a meeting to begin, sitting on a festival shuttle, taking a break on the bar can all become an opportunity to grab the phone and check your Visitor Page without necessarily being online.

Most guests agree on what bothers them the most at festivals - the lack of information: Where am I staying? Will they pick me up? Where is the event happening? Have I confirmed attending it? When does the projection start?

The Eventival mobile app will no longer leave the questions unanswered. It will be simple and easy-to-use, support different language versions based on the clients’ needs, and we hope it will soon become an indispensable extension to the Eventival suite of festival tools.

Developed and supported by Skeleton Software in collaboration with Eventival

Downloadable from App Store (iOS) and Google Play (Android) soon