Introducing Eventival Account

06 May 2019 - Development

Eventival Account is the gateway to all Eventival applications as well as other applications integrated with them.

Eventival Account was created for several reasons.

Simplyfing login procedure
As the global use of the Eventival platform began to increase, it became necessary to simplify its login process. People who communicated with several organisations that all used Eventival had to remember a separate login for each of them, sometimes maintaining twenty or more Eventival logins. Demand began to grow for one central place where people would create a Username and Password (also using their Facebook or Google login) with which they would then access any Eventival as long as they would have the right credentials. Eventival Account is this place.

Facilitating integrations
As a software platform for data management, planning and logistics of film and music festivals, conferences and other cultural, social and business organisations, Eventival aims to integrate with as many other platforms servicing the event industry as possible. These can be film and music industry databases, ticketing, film submission, one-to-one meeting and DCP delivery platforms, festival and event mobile apps, etc. Once integrated, they can all be accessible to their users via Eventival Account and it will not be necessary to create separate logins for them.

Decreasing the need for user support
The third reason for creating Eventival Account was to relieve the staff at organisations using Eventival from having to deal with their Visitor Page users’ registration issues. These are now being solved directly by Eventival support staff.

Opening new opportunities for promotion and collaboration
Last but not least, Eventival Account opens great possibilities for promotion of organisations using the platform, as well as for various forms of collaboration and exchange of services, know how and information.

Eventival Account is one of the biggest steps in our decade-long existence, but it is only the first step on our way towards greater convenience when planning, producing and communicating with film, music and other cultural, social and business events.

The currently available Eventival applications are the Eventival Back Office and the Eventival Visitor Page (both created by Eventival), and the Eventival Mobile App (created by Skeleton Software under the supervision and with the help of Eventival).