Eventival & GDPR

06 April 2018 - Development

Preliminary Information regarding Eventival and the GDPR: Updates to our Privacy Policy and tools

Dear Eventival users,

We are dedicated to help cultural and social organisations and businesses around the world prepare their events by providing a database software with a variety of logistical tools. In the nine years of our existence and continuous growth, the safety of our clients’ data has always been our priority.

As the upcoming changes to the EU data protection law (becoming effective on 25 May 2018) create new obligations for all data controllers and processors, we want to assure you that we pay close attention to the requirements set out by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), and our services will comply with these requirements.

Among other things, we are adding tools allowing you to let the people whose data you collect to express their agreement with such data collection and to unsubscribe from any mass emails. We are also updating our Privacy Policy, Terms of Service and Subscriber’s Agreement and our internal processes in order for them to fully reflect the GDPR.

However, we recommend that you as data controllers also enquire with your legal advisors to ensure that your documents, practices and policies are also compliant with the GDPR.