Cinando Applet for Festival Entry Forms in Eventival

05 February 2018 - Development

                     A New Step in the Simplification of the Film Submission Process

Eventival has traditionally been focusing mainly on film festivals, but we are aware of the constantly growing mass of tens of thousands of filmmakers who use the Eventival submission system to send their films to festivals, and are increasingly making it our priority to reduce the time they spend doing this tedious but necessary job.

We are happy to say that filling in entry forms will now become much easier and incomparably faster thanks to the implementation of the Cinando Applet for Festival Entry Forms for all festivals using Eventival.

The Cinando Applet for Festival Entry Forms is an online tool initiated by Europa International, a network of sales agents, and developed by our long-term partner Cinando.

Its use is straightforward and simple:

A filmmaker who created their film in Cinando and wants to submit it to a festival using Eventival submission can simply import it from Cinando. The data contained in the Cinando entry will be instantly copied into the Eventival submission form, and the filmmaker will only have to complete the remaining details.

Filmmakers submitting films to festivals that are not using Eventival can benefit from the applet too - however, this will require additional implementation of the applet in the festivals’ websites.