Eventival clients and partners can register for free for a conference that will bring together film festival organisers and film professionals.

Thanks to all our friends, collaborators and clients for sharing a lovely evening of sun, food, conversation, music and dancing on the beach.

Meet us in Cannes between 13 and 24 May. We have plenty of news!

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Another benefit of being a part of the Eventival community

In the beginning of May, we plan to simplify the way Visitor Page users log in to their individual Visitor Pages.

Eventival provides over 100 film festivals and organisations around the world with a festival database. If you want to submit a film or project to…

Yet another benefit of being a part of the Eventival community thanks to the Marché du Film and Eventival exclusive partnership

Eventival at Art House Convergence

15 January 2019
Midway, Utah

January 20-24 in Midway, Utah