With Eventival, you can store your personal, company, film, event, performance and project data & files in a secure online database. You have direct access to personal, company (and soon film) data in the Cinando database. You can let film submission, accreditation and other data flow seamlessly into your Eventival database.



Eventival clear modular structure mirrors an event or festival's organisational processes. The year-round and festival-specific work is done in one system - a tidy mind's dream. Unveil the mysteries of interdependency haunting your work - then improve it.



Who do you think spends more on data safety - your office, or a dedicated data centre? "Divide and rule" by setting credentials permitting people to do only what they should. To concentrate on your tasks and stop worrying about "what if's".



Stylish, colour-coded interface for staff & simple interface for filmmakers and guests. Ergonomic design driven by real needs, improvements inspired by real users. The only serious alternative to Excel spreadsheets covering your monitor

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What is Eventival

and who is it for?

Eventival is  DATA MANAGEMENT PLATFORM to simply work with data, make division of labour easier and transparent and improve internal and external communication,

Eventival is also a LOGISTICAL TOOLBOX with an array of event planning and production features letting cultural, social and business event organisers spend more time on creative work and less on mechanical, exhausting and repetitive activities. Originally designed and developed for use by film festivals, Eventival has become the most comprehensive and widely used software in the film festival industry, and is quickly crossing over to other industries like music, theatre, conference and event management.

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Why Eventival?

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  1. An all-in-one solution
    Whether you are a small team sharing an office or not even using one, or large organisation with…
  2. No installation = no burden, no hidden costs
    Unlike software you have to install that creates a burden of upgrades, hardware or onsite IT…
  3. The most widely used festival system today
    Over the past years, Eventival 2.0 has become the preferred solution amongst film festivals around…

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Champs-Élysées Film Festival

Champs-Élysées Film Festival (Paris, France)

We started transitionning to Eventival this year and already most of our staff is using it extensively. Submissions, guest services, accreditations and badges are the features we use most this year, with the capabilities to track badge holders movements throughout the Festival being a real advantage for us. We were very impressed by the availability and speed with which Eventival staff answered our questions, helped us set up and was happy to further some of the available features to better…

Champs-Élysées Film Festival
Théo Koutsaftis

Webmaster & Head of Digital Content

May 2015

Red Square Screenings

Red Square Screenings (Moscow, Russia)

Red Square Screenings used Eventival to manage accreditations, data and monitor attendance figures for the first edition of the international film market in Moscow. We found the platform very comprehensive, with many useful tools and easy navigation. It also allows to modify certain features according to the event's format and needs. Eventival team was incredibly helpful and responsive and helped us to make the most of the platform's features within very tight timeframe. It's certainly reliable…

Yevgeny Gindilis

Executive Director

Black Nights Film Festival

Black Nights Film Festival (Tallinn, Estonia)

Black Nights Film Festival was the first to start using Eventival to its full extent. Despite still being under development, Eventival already shows its great potential of being a widely functional 'brain' of a major event. The creators and always-available IT-support guys who have almost become part of our festival staff are a pleasure to work with.

Siim Rotha

Production Manager & Festival Programmer


Guadalajara International Film Festival

Guadalajara International Film Festival (Guadalajara, Mexico)

We used Eventival for our film submission process for the upcoming 2015 edition of the festival. It was easy and practical and we have received an awesome number of submissions.

Guadalajara International Film Festival
Alfonso R. Miller

Productor | Programación

January 2015

Lund International Fantastic Film Festival

Lund International Fantastic Film Festival (Lund, Sweden)

Eventival is a powerful management software system that provides an unparalleled integration of all areas - film programming and selection, print coordination, guest travel and accommodation, communication and more for our film festival. It’s flexible, and the technical support given by the Eventival team is fast and impressive. Eventival has quickly become an important part of Lund International Fantastic Film Festival and I can highly recommend it for any film festival or event looking for a…

Christian Hallman

Festival Organizer LIFFF

Trinidad+Tobago Film Festival Japanese Film Festival / The Japan Foundation, Sydney Nippon Connection Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival Moscow International Film Festival Lund International Fantastic Film Festival Panama International Film Festival Aspen Institute Prague Nordic/Docs

What's new at and around Eventival

Partnership with Ackee, developer of App4Fest


Partnership with Ackee, developer of App4Fest

App4Fest, a customisable mobile app for film and music festivals, developed by the Czech company Ackee, can now be used in connection with Eventival.

Partnership with Perfect System, developer of Colosseum Ticketing


Partnership with Perfect System, developer of Colosseum Ticketing

Eventival is now connected with Colosseum, a powerful ticketing system developed by the Czech company Perfect System and used by over 600 clients.

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