With Eventival, you can store your personal, company, film, event, performance and project data & files in a secure online database. You have direct access to personal, company (and soon film) data in the Cinando database. You can let film submission, accreditation and other data flow seamlessly into your Eventival database.



Eventival clear modular structure mirrors an event or festival's organisational processes. The year-round and festival-specific work is done in one system - a tidy mind's dream. Unveil the mysteries of interdependency haunting your work - then improve it.



Who do you think spends more on data safety - your office, or a dedicated data centre? "Divide and rule" by setting credentials permitting people to do only what they should. To concentrate on your tasks and stop worrying about "what if's".



Stylish, colour-coded interface for staff & simple interface for filmmakers and guests. Ergonomic design driven by real needs, improvements inspired by real users. The only serious alternative to Excel spreadsheets covering your monitor

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What is Eventival?

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Eventival is a European technology company known as the provider of the world's most widespread film festival production software.

The Eventival event planning and production application facilitates data management, improves organisational workflow, streamlines internal processes and simplifies both internal and exteral communication. Conceived and created by film industry professionals who pioneered the use of database systems at major festivals world round a over a decade ago, Eventival has long ago crossed the film industry borders and is now used by event organisers in all fields of work.

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  1. An all-in-one solution
    Whether you are a small team sharing an office or not even using one, or large organisation with…
  2. No installation = no burden, no hidden costs
    Unlike software you have to install that creates a burden of upgrades, hardware or onsite IT…
  3. The most widely used festival system today
    Over the past years, Eventival 2.0 has become the preferred solution amongst film festivals around…

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Jihlava International Documentary Film Festival

Jihlava International Documentary Film Festival (Jihlava, Czech Republic)

We have been using Eventival from the beginning of 2011 and the second edition of the festival with Eventival as the base for all our contacts, relations and films is ahead of us. As the software system kept developing and improving, Eventival has increasingly become an indispensable part of our everyday work and a very helpful tool for the overall festival management strategy. We appreciate the fact the Eventival team welcomes comments and suggestions from the festivals and that together we…

Katarina Holubcova

Executive Director

Art Movement

Art Movement (Prague, Czech Republic)

We are an agency organising exhibitions and cultural and educational events and have so far been using Eventival mostly to keep our contacts in order and to create mailing lists. As we are currently preparing a major exhibition of one of the world's most prominent artists, we are only now discovering the benefits of the system that made it so popular amongst film and other festivals, and look forward to soon begin using it to its full extent.

Katerina Riley


Durban International Film Festival

Durban International Film Festival (Durban, South Africa)

Eventival is a dynamic system that will continue to grow and improve the processes of the Durban International Film Festival. Interactive and easy to use and with around the clock assistance when problems are encountered, Eventival has proved useful to DIFF.

Andrea Voges

DIFF Coordinator


Mezipatra (Prague, Czech Republic)

Eventival dramatically helped us in managing festival workflow and administration as it offers tools for all aspects of festival organisation from the moment you start researching films up until you process data for the final report. Yes, Eventival helps in the most important thing: keeping the sh*t together. The greatest reward in choosing Eventival for all-in-one festival management system is that its creators have a detailed knowledge of how a festival is made happen. And they keep getting…

Aleš Rumpel


Czech Film and Television Academy

Czech Film and Television Academy (Prague, Czech Republic)

After one year with Eventival, we cannot imagine working without it anymore. Communication with the members of our Academy is nowadays done only through Eventival and its great mass-mailing tools, we use it also as a database for the whole history of the Czech Lion Awards, as well as for inviting guests to our Event. The Eventival team customised several features for us with great empathy and efficiency, and among other great features created a whole new voting module, which is a crucial tool…

Czech Film and Television Academy
Tereza Rychnovska

Executive Director

C.I.A.N.T. Sofia International Film Festival Arthouse Traffic Agentura a sdružení Festive MeetFactory, o. p. s. Forum 2000 Transilvania International Film Festival Vilnius International Film Festival Mezipatra Queer Film Festival

What's new in and around Eventival

Cinando-Eventival integration for film imports too


Cinando-Eventival integration for film imports too

For several years, Eventival users were able to import personal and company data from Cinando. Together with Cinando, we have now made it possible to…

Festhome and Eventival collaborate


Festhome and Eventival collaborate

Eventival and online film submission platform Festhome have made their systems compatible.

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