With Eventival you can store your personal, company, film, artist, event, performance and project data & files in a secure online database. You also have direct access to data from the Cinando database. You can let film submission, accreditation and other data flow seamlessly into your Eventival database through the Visitor Page interface.



Eventival's clear modular structure mirrors an event or festival's organisational processes. The year-round and festival-specific work is done in one system - a tidy mind's dream. Unveil the mysteries of interdependency haunting your work - then improve it.



Who do you think spends more on data safety - your office or a dedicated data centre?
"Divide and rule" by setting credentials permitting people to see and do only what they should so you can better concentrate on your tasks and stop worrying about "what ifs".



Stylish, colour-coded interface for your staff & simple interface for filmmakers and guests. Ergonomic design driven by real needs, improvements inspired by real users. The only serious alternative to Excel spreadsheets covering your monitor.

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What is Eventival

and who is it for?

Eventival is a DATA MANAGEMENT PLATFORM simplifying work with data, facilitating division of labour and improving internal and external communication.

Eventival is also a LOGISTICAL TOOLBOX with an array of event planning and production features for cultural, social and business event organisers who like to spend less time on mechanical and repetitive routines and more on creative work. Originally designed for film festivals and today the most comprehensive and widely used film festival software, it has outgrown its purpose and is now usied by music and literary festivals, conferences and for general event management.

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Why Eventival?

Read why festivals and events like Eventival

  1. An all-in-one solution
    Whether you are a small team sharing an office or not even using one, or a large organisation with…
  2. No installation = no burden, no hidden costs
    Unlike software you have to install that creates a burden of upgrades, hardware or onsite IT…
  3. The most widely used festival system today
    Over the past years, Eventival 2.0 has become the preferred solution amongst film festivals around…

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Kosmorama Trondheim International Film Festival

Kosmorama Trondheim International Film Festival (Trondheim, Norway)

During my period as Festival Manager at the northernmost film festival in the world in Tromsø, Norway, from 1998-2004, I struggled to try to create the optimal system to organize and coordinate the film booking and print-coordination. When I, in 2004 was asked to share my experiences when they started to plan a film festival in my hometown, I wrote a memo called the ”Dream-tool”. It never became more than a dream, it was too expensive to develop. Now in 2011 I’m working as Head of Programme at…

Kosmorama Trondheim International Film Festival
Ola Lund Renolen

Program Director

Reykjavik International Film Festival

Reykjavik International Film Festival (Reykjavik, Iceland)

The system may seem complex at first, but it is very logical and intuitive. Small bugs are always dealt with immediately by the programmers who seem to never sleep: virtually every issue we have encountered was solved at once. Although Eventival is still in development, it has already become a 'full time member' of our festival team.

Ragnheiður Erlingsdóttir

Festival Coordinator


Durban International Film Festival

Durban International Film Festival (Durban, South Africa)

Eventival is a dynamic system that will continue to grow and improve the processes of the Durban International Film Festival. Interactive and easy to use and with around the clock assistance when problems are encountered, Eventival has proved useful to DIFF.

Andrea Voges

DIFF Coordinator

Red Square Screenings

Red Square Screenings (Moscow, Russia)

Red Square Screenings used Eventival to manage accreditations, data and monitor attendance figures for the first edition of the international film market in Moscow. We found the platform very comprehensive, with many useful tools and easy navigation. It also allows to modify certain features according to the event's format and needs. Eventival team was incredibly helpful and responsive and helped us to make the most of the platform's features within very tight timeframe. It's certainly reliable…

Yevgeny Gindilis

Executive Director

Berlin Fashion Film Festival

Berlin Fashion Film Festival (Berlin, Germany)

We’ve had a really fast growth in terms of submissions for the Berlin fashion Film Festival. As having to manage everything via spreadsheets became painful, we were looking for a tool to handle the most important processes in terms of managing the films, such as submissions, film-review, judging, etc. We tried out various systems, but with Eventival we feel the safest, especially because of their great, friendly and efficient customer service. On the rare occasions when you might have a…

Berlin Fashion Film Festival
Frank Funke

Co-Founder & Festival Director


Designblok Valladolid International Film Festival Panama International Film Festival Ventana Sur Art Movement MeetFactory, o. p. s. Valletta Film Festival FLICC MAIA Workshops

What's new in and around Eventival

Eventival is hiring!


Eventival is hiring!

New programmers wanted - join our team today!

Eventival and the non-profit sector


Eventival and the non-profit sector

Eventival is becoming ever more active in the Czech NGO and non-governmental sector - our latest client in this area is the Bakala Foundation.

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