With Eventival you can store your personal, company, film, artist, event, performance and project data & files in a secure online database. You also have direct access to data from the Cinando database. You can let film submission, accreditation and other data flow seamlessly into your Eventival database through the Visitor Page interface.



Eventival's clear modular structure mirrors an event or festival's organisational processes. The year-round and festival-specific work is done in one system - a tidy mind's dream. Unveil the mysteries of interdependency haunting your work - then improve it.



Who do you think spends more on data safety - your office or a dedicated data centre?
"Divide and rule" by setting credentials permitting people to see and do only what they should so you can better concentrate on your tasks and stop worrying about "what ifs".



Stylish, colour-coded interface for your staff & simple interface for filmmakers and guests. Ergonomic design driven by real needs, improvements inspired by real users. The only serious alternative to Excel spreadsheets covering your monitor.

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What is Eventival

and who is it for?

Eventival is a DATA MANAGEMENT PLATFORM simplifying work with data, facilitating division of labour and improving internal and external communication.

Eventival is also a LOGISTICAL TOOLBOX with an array of event planning and production features for cultural, social and business event organisers who like to spend less time on mechanical and repetitive routines and more on creative work. Originally designed for film festivals and today the most comprehensive and widely used film festival software, it has outgrown its purpose and is now usied by music and literary festivals, conferences and for general event management.

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Why Eventival?

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  1. An all-in-one solution
    Whether you are a small team sharing an office or not even using one, or a large organisation with…
  2. No installation = no burden, no hidden costs
    Unlike software you have to install that creates a burden of upgrades, hardware or onsite IT…
  3. The most widely used festival system today
    Over the past years, Eventival 2.0 has become the preferred solution amongst film festivals around…

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IndieLisboa (Lisbon, Portugal)

Eventival brought IndieLisboa great improvements. One that we are particularly happy with is the Publications module that offered us a simple way to manage all festival content - from synopsis to bios - we use for our website and printed publications like Catalogue and Program. We are very pleased with all the improvements Eventival let us apply at IndieLisboa, and the way the company constantly pursues new alternatives to develop and meet festivals' needs.

Margarida Oliveira

Marketing and Communication

June 2015

Champs-Élysées Film Festival

Champs-Élysées Film Festival (Paris, France)

We started transitionning to Eventival this year and already most of our staff is using it extensively. Submissions, guest services, accreditations and badges are the features we use most this year, with the capabilities to track badge holders movements throughout the Festival being a real advantage for us. We were very impressed by the availability and speed with which Eventival staff answered our questions, helped us set up and was happy to further some of the available features to better…

Champs-Élysées Film Festival
Théo Koutsaftis

Webmaster & Head of Digital Content

May 2015

Guadalajara International Film Festival

Guadalajara International Film Festival (Guadalajara, Mexico)

Eventival is a highly customizable tool for pretty much any need a film festival could have. from the film submission to the guest inner-city transfers and all in between.

Guadalajara International Film Festival
Pedro Andres Barba

Guadalajara Film Market Producer.

April 2015

Nuremberg International Human Rights Film Festival (NIHRFF)

Nuremberg International Human Rights Film Festival (NIHRFF) (Nuremberg, Germany)

We have been using Eventival to coordinate our film selection and to improve communication between the members of the selection committee. It has helped us to simplify and streamline our workflow a great deal and we are looking forward to using it for all other aspects of our festival organisation. What also impressed us is the fast responses we get from the technical support whenever we have a question or suggestion.

Andrea Kuhn

Festival Director

Giffoni Film Festival

Giffoni Film Festival (Giffoni valle Piana, Italy)

We were the first festival to use Eventival in 2009 when it was far from completed, but it already helped us a lot with the management of guests, films and our thousands of child jurors (imagine managing the work related to 2 800 kids!) ... The people who work with Eventival, including their multilingual programmers, were available when we needed them ... I am sure that festivals that decide to use Eventival will be happy to work with them.

Natascia de Rosa

Juries coordinator


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What's new in and around Eventival

Eventival is hiring!


Eventival is hiring!

New HTML5 Coders wanted - join our team today!

Eventival and the non-profit sector


Eventival and the non-profit sector

Eventival is becoming ever more active in the Czech NGO and non-governmental sector - our latest client in this area is the Bakala Foundation.

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