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Eventival is the creator of the world's most successful film festival management system, considered the benchmark in its field. Since 2009, the company, founded by former festival organisers, has been helping festivals to increase the impact of their work. Eventival is now becoming equally successful also in other areas of cultural, social and business event management.

Founded in the UK, operating from France, and eventually moving to the Czech Republic, the Eventival company represented an effort of Tomas Prasek and Dawna Cha, festival organisers with first-hand experience from major film festivals in Europe, Asia and the US, and the media entrepreneur and programmer Adrian Johnson, to create an online software tool for festival organisers that would please with an attractive interface, impress with outstanding features, and thrill with affordable costs. 

Initially planning a simple, lightweight application, the founders soon realised that what the growing festival industry really needed was the "real thing", an all-in-one solution that would handle practically everything. The company accepted the challenge, and since then it has been growing in a symbiosis with its clients, defying the perception of a traditional supplier by being much rather a remote member of countless festival teams. It has become a regular at most prominent film festivals and markets, imbibing the knowledge right where it is being created. It has a unique position in the film industry - a company whose relevance is centered around its software but whose real products are its outstanding skills, knowledge and experience. 

Today, Eventival is active in a wide range of industries, and its clients rinclude entertainment companies (film, music, theatre and literary festivals) to conferences, cultural, social and business events, NGO's etc.

Eventival has clients in over 30 countries and its services are used by over 200,000 people all over the world.

More than twenty people have participated in the creation of Eventival since the time when its founders drank to the birth of the company in a house near Fomtainebleau in 2008, and we are grateful to them as well as all those who have contributed their ideas, skills and dedication to the creation of this unique and unusual company. However, we would never have got where we are now without the support and patience of the people who trusted us when Eventival was merely an ambitions idea.

We are constantly growing.